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Qmod 22.3 released
« on: July 19, 2022, 11:38:27 am »
Release notes 22.3:

- Added: Minimal Low+ setting.
- Added: Track seperation setting to prevent crossfading when the sound level drops below the end level threshold.
- Added: Format planner. Check for artist with more than one track in the playlist.
- Changed: A new leveler lock. Now the lock between the bands can be adjusted separately.
- Changed: A rewrite of the gate control code.
- Changed: Classic preset default setting updated.
- Changed: Memory managment of the Go garbage collector. Caused dropouts sometimes.
- Changed: Removed the 3072 and 4096 buffer size because it conflicted with the backup player.
- Fixed: Qmod did crash after a restart when no format was created in de music folder of the main audio folder.
- Fixed: After opening and closing and then reopening the config window, the high presence display wouldn't work anymore.
- Fixed: When a format had to few formats in it could hang.
- Fixed: A bug in the flac playback part produced a huge stacklog.txt when extra info was added to the flac file, like picture and track information.

Get it here:
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