Author Topic: Qmod 19.1 released  (Read 207 times)

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Qmod 19.1 released
« on: August 01, 2019, 09:15:19 am »
===== 19.1 ====
From now on all support for Windows XP is no longer garanteed.
Version 18.6-32bit still had Windows XP support but to keep up with the Go language development I've decided to drop the Windows XP support.
Qmod could be working fine on XP but I've no way to test it.

- New: New resizable main window.
- New: A separate tab for pre-processing with now stereo+, low+ and treble controls
- New: Extra crash report. When a crash happens a file named qmodstackerror.txt appears in the Errorlog folder in the executable directory.
- New: A release hold setting. Values are 100ms - 2s with a step of 50ms till 1sec and 100ms above 1sec.
- New: A symmetry max. setting. Values are 0 - 3dB with a step of 0.
- Changed: Replaced the fm peak control with a new version for better spectrum control.
- Fixed: Several bugs.