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Release Info / Qmod 23.3 released
« Last post by corb on November 12, 2023, 10:06:06 am »
Release notes
- Added: backup player tab silence has three new sub tabs, one to program containers which are used to group messages, one to program those messages like ads or announcements and one to view the recently played tracks.
- Fixed: Bug in the tta library
Release Info / Qmod 23.2 released
« Last post by corb on July 09, 2023, 11:42:22 am »
Release notes
===== 23.2 ====
- Fixed: Improved gate handling.
- Fixed: a bug in playing flac files with a block size < 2048
- Fixed: When the tracks repeat value in the player was set to a lower value than available track the program would crash.
- Fixed: Sometimes a light ticking could be heard. The clipper of band 2 caused it. It's fixed now.
- Fixed: When changing the format there would be chance of a crash.
- Changed: The wav, tta, flac and mp3 libraries got some improvements.
Release Info / Qmod 23.1 released
« Last post by corb on February 11, 2023, 09:09:27 am »
- Fixed: Typo in the leveler lock. Band 4 didn't lock on band 3.
- Fixed: Low max setting didn't work.
Release notes:
  • Fixed: An issue with the release of the compressors.
  • Fixed: The value of the tracks before repeat wasn't loaded.
  • Changed: Some improvement on the end limiter.
  • Changed: Some improvement on the composite clipper to get a better fit inside the stokkemask.
  • Changed: vumeter input and output now repesent the dbfs value and as a result the output volume has changed, so you should ckeck your settings.
  • Changed: Inverted low+ sensitivity because stereo+ and low+ working were reversed to each other.
  • Changed: Moved the test signal setup to a separate tab. It now works on AM and FM.
  • Added: Crossover frequency control for the end limiter filter.
  • Added: Upsampling for the mpx clipper.
Release Info / Qmod 22.4 released. If you're using 22.3 you should update.
« Last post by corb on August 07, 2022, 03:42:49 pm »
===== 22.4 ====
  • Fixed: Type error causes a crash when changing the preset.
  • Changed: When the playlist on disk is older than 1 hour from the current time the playlist is ignored and a new one is generated. Before the playlist would always be used at startup by the backup player.
  • Changed: Reposition the controls in the backup player section
  • Added: Control for setting the end level of the jingles in the player.
Release Info / Qmod 22.3 released
« Last post by corb on July 19, 2022, 11:38:27 am »
Release notes 22.3:

- Added: Minimal Low+ setting.
- Added: Track seperation setting to prevent crossfading when the sound level drops below the end level threshold.
- Added: Format planner. Check for artist with more than one track in the playlist.
- Changed: A new leveler lock. Now the lock between the bands can be adjusted separately.
- Changed: A rewrite of the gate control code.
- Changed: Classic preset default setting updated.
- Changed: Memory managment of the Go garbage collector. Caused dropouts sometimes.
- Changed: Removed the 3072 and 4096 buffer size because it conflicted with the backup player.
- Fixed: Qmod did crash after a restart when no format was created in de music folder of the main audio folder.
- Fixed: After opening and closing and then reopening the config window, the high presence display wouldn't work anymore.
- Fixed: When a format had to few formats in it could hang.
- Fixed: A bug in the flac playback part produced a huge stacklog.txt when extra info was added to the flac file, like picture and track information.

Get it here:

Indeed, it works :D

Thanks for the temporary solution !

Questions and Bugs / Re: Qmod starts fine the first time, then crash every start
« Last post by corb on May 27, 2022, 06:40:29 pm »

I have a temporary solution.
If you haven't set a different audio folder go to <your qmod folder>/Audio/Music.
Create a new folder, say songs. This represents a format.
If not running start qmod and open the config window.
Select the silence tab.
Select the format player tab.
You should see the format you just created Music/songs.
Drag the format to the right panel. You've now created a format.
Close the config window.
This should solve the problem for now. The fix wil be in the next update.

Questions and Bugs / Re: Qmod starts fine the first time, then crash every start
« Last post by corb on May 27, 2022, 03:04:54 pm »
I could reproduce it here and will look into it.

The C:/Users/Cor folder is on my system. Its part of the compilation and gives me a hint where the error comes from.

I only have the stacklog.txt in my Errorlog folder.
Here is the content of the file :

panic: runtime error: index out of range
  • with length 0

goroutine 38 [running]:
   C:/Users/Cor/GoProjects/src/qmod/qmodcore/core.go:1238 +0x20fb
   C:/Users/Cor/GoProjects/src/qmod/qmodcore/core.go:1449 +0x85
created by time.goFunc
   C:/Go/src/time/sleep.go:180 +0x31

I don't have any Cor directory in my Users folder..

Questions and Bugs / Re: Qmod starts fine the first time, then crash every start
« Last post by corb on May 26, 2022, 07:17:14 pm »
Welcome to the board.

Qmod crashes for some reason. In the Qmod directory should be a folder called Errorlog. In there you should find a file qmodlog.txt and stacklog.txt.
After a crash in the stacklog.txt file you'll find the reason for the crash. Don't restart qmod but copy the content and post it here so I can check it out and try to reproduce it on my system and compile an update as soon as possible. Thanks.

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