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Release Info / Qmod 19.2 released
« Last post by corb on December 30, 2019, 11:01:59 am »
Release notes

===== 19.2 ====
- Added: More test tone frequencies in the fm section.
- Added: A third option to the fm output. st line does the fm preprocessing but does deemphasize the signal afterwards and doesn't add 19kHz and RDS. You can use
  the signal for an external stereo encoder.
- Changed: Improvements in fm, am and line peak control sections.
- Changed: Improvement in the treble section.
- Changed: After a suggestion from Sevenmizer61, excluded the 19kHz and RDS component from the composite peak control.
- Fixid: Several bugs.
Questions and Bugs / Re: Another GUI crash. And filtering problems.
« Last post by corb on November 24, 2019, 07:39:10 pm »
Hi Sevenmizer61,

That sounds good. I've installed Telegram on my linuxdesktop. I'm using a dumbfone so this is the alternative.
Send me a p.m. with your contact information or I can contact you via the email address you used to register.

Questions and Bugs / Re: Another GUI crash. And filtering problems.
« Last post by sevenmizer61 on November 20, 2019, 02:44:36 am »
Corb. It's me again. We can have some direct contact like WhatsApp or telegram? I'm a newbie processing developer and I have some things that can help a lot you with the QMod project. I've done some research on Orban Optimod composite filtering.
Questions and Bugs / Re: Another GUI crash. And filtering problems.
« Last post by corb on November 06, 2019, 09:27:32 pm »
I can't tell much about the GUI crashes. I've never had any problems om my test systems. The only time GUI crashes happened when I was using a system with an atom processor. I'm testing on a intel nuc i5-5250 and i5-6250 + 8GB memory. So maybe a processor problem? You could do a test by reducing the samplerate to 48000. It won't be stereo but the CPU takes about a 3rd of processing power, if crashes are gone it's most likely the the CPU capacity.

I use a composite peak control and it controls the full baseband 40Hz-53kHz but it isn't actual clipping just reducing gain on the parts that are to loud and therefor not producing many 3e harmonics. I'm gonna do some testing of splitting up the baseband as you suggested. The fm peak contol only affects the 40Hz-15kHz mono and stereo diff. signal before DBS modulation.

Questions and Bugs / Another GUI crash. And filtering problems.
« Last post by sevenmizer61 on November 02, 2019, 05:31:09 pm »
The GUI Crashed easily when i was adjusting simple parameters. And i've noticed there's lot of noise over the 19khz pilot on Qmod. I don't know if it does have some type of Clipper or anything. But it would be very good to work on a composite clipper. You need to clip the 20hz-16khz mono signal and then you need to clip the DSB Subcarrier as well. This means you still will get over 100% of de-mod on the reception and the pilot won't take space from the audio. The highs quality will increase as well.
Release Info / Qmod 19.1 released
« Last post by corb on August 01, 2019, 09:15:19 am »
===== 19.1 ====
From now on all support for Windows XP is no longer garanteed.
Version 18.6-32bit still had Windows XP support but to keep up with the Go language development I've decided to drop the Windows XP support.
Qmod could be working fine on XP but I've no way to test it.

- New: New resizable main window.
- New: A separate tab for pre-processing with now stereo+, low+ and treble controls
- New: Extra crash report. When a crash happens a file named qmodstackerror.txt appears in the Errorlog folder in the executable directory.
- New: A release hold setting. Values are 100ms - 2s with a step of 50ms till 1sec and 100ms above 1sec.
- New: A symmetry max. setting. Values are 0 - 3dB with a step of 0.
- Changed: Replaced the fm peak control with a new version for better spectrum control.
- Fixed: Several bugs.

Release Info / Qmod 18.6 released
« Last post by corb on December 03, 2018, 10:33:57 am »
Release Notes

===== 18.6 ====
- Changed the low+ section.
- Changed some default preset settings.
- Replaced the Density control with five separate band controls.
- Removed the visual panel. It wasn't very useful and took unnecessary processing time when in use.
- Fixed: A wrong mix value of band 1 which resulted in a -2dB lower output of band 1.
- Fixed: When the peakcontrol was enabled it gave a glitch.
- Fixed: A few GUI bugs.
- Fixed: A timing bug in the leveler release and a bug in the core.
Qmod info / Qmod on Linux or Mac
« Last post by corb on October 26, 2018, 02:07:21 pm »
You can run Qmod also on Linux or Mac by using Wine.

I've tested Qmod 18.5 x64 on Linux Mint 19 (Ubuntu 18.04) and Wine 3.03 stable. I have no Mac available so testing isn't possible by me. Feel free to test it yourself. You'll find more info on:

Release Info / Qmod 18.5 released
« Last post by corb on September 22, 2018, 10:27:18 am »
Release info

- Added: Buffer size up to 2048 samples.
- Added: A preset planner. Gives you the possibility to automatically set a preset for every hour or a range of hours.
- Added: Selection of the equalizer setup, pre or post processing
- Fixed: A wrong buffer could occur in some cases.
- Fixed: A misreading of the proper samplerate return value after reinitializing the audio card.
- Fixed: Solved a bug in the peak control which caused some harmonic distortion.
- Fixed: Some bugs in the preset selection.
- Fixed: A bug in the noise reduction.
Release Info / Qmod 18.4 released
« Last post by corb on July 02, 2018, 02:16:53 pm »
Release info
- Changed: Stereo+ improved mono detection.
- Changed: Some GUI design changes.
- Changed: The values of stereo+ are in percent now. Old values are automatically recalculated except when your old value is 5 or 10, you'll need to change it yourself.
- Changed: Renamed the clipper section to peak control. It's more in line with what's really happening, controlling the peaks in the signal not clipping it.
- Changed: Make left and right mute work independant.
- Changed: Some changes in the correction algorithm of the balance control.
- Added: Display of the real output level as a blue line in the output vu
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