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Release Info / Qmod 23.1 released
« Last post by corb on February 11, 2023, 09:09:27 am »
- Fixed: Typo in the leveler lock. Band 4 didn't lock on band 3.
- Fixed: Low max setting didn't work.
Release notes:
  • Fixed: An issue with the release of the compressors.
  • Fixed: The value of the tracks before repeat wasn't loaded.
  • Changed: Some improvement on the end limiter.
  • Changed: Some improvement on the composite clipper to get a better fit inside the stokkemask.
  • Changed: vumeter input and output now repesent the dbfs value and as a result the output volume has changed, so you should ckeck your settings.
  • Changed: Inverted low+ sensitivity because stereo+ and low+ working were reversed to each other.
  • Changed: Moved the test signal setup to a separate tab. It now works on AM and FM.
  • Added: Crossover frequency control for the end limiter filter.
  • Added: Upsampling for the mpx clipper.
Release Info / Qmod 22.4 released. If you're using 22.3 you should update.
« Last post by corb on August 07, 2022, 03:42:49 pm »
===== 22.4 ====
  • Fixed: Type error causes a crash when changing the preset.
  • Changed: When the playlist on disk is older than 1 hour from the current time the playlist is ignored and a new one is generated. Before the playlist would always be used at startup by the backup player.
  • Changed: Reposition the controls in the backup player section
  • Added: Control for setting the end level of the jingles in the player.
Release Info / Qmod 22.3 released
« Last post by corb on July 19, 2022, 11:38:27 am »
Release notes 22.3:

- Added: Minimal Low+ setting.
- Added: Track seperation setting to prevent crossfading when the sound level drops below the end level threshold.
- Added: Format planner. Check for artist with more than one track in the playlist.
- Changed: A new leveler lock. Now the lock between the bands can be adjusted separately.
- Changed: A rewrite of the gate control code.
- Changed: Classic preset default setting updated.
- Changed: Memory managment of the Go garbage collector. Caused dropouts sometimes.
- Changed: Removed the 3072 and 4096 buffer size because it conflicted with the backup player.
- Fixed: Qmod did crash after a restart when no format was created in de music folder of the main audio folder.
- Fixed: After opening and closing and then reopening the config window, the high presence display wouldn't work anymore.
- Fixed: When a format had to few formats in it could hang.
- Fixed: A bug in the flac playback part produced a huge stacklog.txt when extra info was added to the flac file, like picture and track information.

Get it here:

Indeed, it works :D

Thanks for the temporary solution !

Questions and Bugs / Re: Qmod starts fine the first time, then crash every start
« Last post by corb on May 27, 2022, 06:40:29 pm »

I have a temporary solution.
If you haven't set a different audio folder go to <your qmod folder>/Audio/Music.
Create a new folder, say songs. This represents a format.
If not running start qmod and open the config window.
Select the silence tab.
Select the format player tab.
You should see the format you just created Music/songs.
Drag the format to the right panel. You've now created a format.
Close the config window.
This should solve the problem for now. The fix wil be in the next update.

Questions and Bugs / Re: Qmod starts fine the first time, then crash every start
« Last post by corb on May 27, 2022, 03:04:54 pm »
I could reproduce it here and will look into it.

The C:/Users/Cor folder is on my system. Its part of the compilation and gives me a hint where the error comes from.

I only have the stacklog.txt in my Errorlog folder.
Here is the content of the file :

panic: runtime error: index out of range
  • with length 0

goroutine 38 [running]:
   C:/Users/Cor/GoProjects/src/qmod/qmodcore/core.go:1238 +0x20fb
   C:/Users/Cor/GoProjects/src/qmod/qmodcore/core.go:1449 +0x85
created by time.goFunc
   C:/Go/src/time/sleep.go:180 +0x31

I don't have any Cor directory in my Users folder..

Questions and Bugs / Re: Qmod starts fine the first time, then crash every start
« Last post by corb on May 26, 2022, 07:17:14 pm »
Welcome to the board.

Qmod crashes for some reason. In the Qmod directory should be a folder called Errorlog. In there you should find a file qmodlog.txt and stacklog.txt.
After a crash in the stacklog.txt file you'll find the reason for the crash. Don't restart qmod but copy the content and post it here so I can check it out and try to reproduce it on my system and compile an update as soon as possible. Thanks.

Questions and Bugs / Qmod starts fine the first time, then crash every start
« Last post by maxpayne13 on May 26, 2022, 01:05:16 pm »

I have 2.22 x64 version.
When the folders are not created, the program starts fine.
If I close it, and restart it, I saw the main window initializing, then the program exit every time. I must delete all the folders in the primary folder to start it again.

Despite this, amazing program, thanks for your work.

Release Info / Qmod 22.2 released
« Last post by corb on March 12, 2022, 02:19:12 pm »
This is a bug fix release
- Fixed: Sometimes wrong ratio calculation.
- Fixed: Leveler was sometimes a bit to agressive in band 4-5 when sudden level peaks occurred.
- Fixed: Gain calculation of the mp3 decoder was sometimes wrong.

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