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Questions and Bugs / Virtual Audio Cable
« on: May 24, 2018, 03:04:31 pm »
Hello again,

New version (18.3) can't start processing. Last known working version - 17.9

Error Log:
2018/05/24 15:14:06 [Invalid number of channels]
2018/05/24 15:14:06 [audio card error >> please, check your audio card setup]
2018/05/24 15:14:08 [Invalid number of channels >> device: API=WASAPI inputdevice=Line 8 (Virtual Audio Cable)#80 outputdevice=Line 9 (Virtual Audio Cable)#71 samplerate=48000 framesize=256]

Can someone check if it is working.

My setup:
Player output = VAC Line 8.
Qmod input = VAC Line 8.
Qmod output = VAC Line 9.
Edcast (IceCast2 stream encoder) input = VAC Line 9.

Questions and Bugs / Conflict with RAdmin
« on: November 04, 2017, 05:59:25 pm »
RAdmin version 3.5.1 video hook driver freezes Qmod GUI.
Program still works, but it is impossible to control it remotely.
(for some reason earlier Radmin versions doesn't work on latest Win10 edition, so I can't downgrade it).

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